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Admissions Practices

Deals with questions concerning the professional ethics and standards of conduct of admission counselors and secondary school members, as addressed by the NACAC Statement of Principles of Good Practice (SPGP). Interprets the SPGP and resolves the complaint in the event of an alleged charge of breach of professional ethics. Committee membership is by invitation only due to the confidential nature of our work.

Annual Meeting & Conference

Has the responsibility of developing, coordinating and overseeing the Annual meeting and conference held each spring. Programming, recreation, publications, first-timers, community service, pre-conference activities, exhibitor relations, and welcoming/evaluation are some of the sub-committees that are always in need of volunteers. Join us! It's a great way to make connections with your NEACAC colleagues.

Articles of Organization & By-Laws

Works to ensure that the NEACAC Articles of Organization and the Bylaws are kept in accord with the bylaws of NACAC. Because of the proposed changes to NACAC bylaws, it is likely that similar changes will be needed in the NEACAC bylaws. This committee has begun drafting some of those changes.

College Fair

This committee works with the chair to plan and execute both the fall and spring college fair schedules.

Communication Services

Is responsible for the association's print and electronic communications. The committee also handles public relations.

Current Trends

The Committee on Current Trends reviews trends in counseling, college admission and enrollment management. The committee shall develop programs and services that educate and inform members and other publics about professional issues and trends. The committee will also highlight trends that impact the work of other NEACAC committees.


This committee assists the Treasurer and Executive Board plan the annual budget each year and meets during the course of the fiscal year if necessary. This is an advisory committee which makes recommendations to the Board regarding the finances of the organization. Currently it also oversees the revenue development initiatives of NEACAC.

Government Relations Advisory

Participates in the yearly NACAC Legislative Conference in Washington DC and coordinates the state caucuses at the Annual Meeting & Conference. Establishes a communication network that can monitor, report and take action on state and federal legislation that is important to NEACAC and educational issues related to higher education or counseling in general.

IDEA (Formerly Human Relations & Diversity Awareness)

The IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Education, and Access) Committee provides leadership to ensure that issues of cultural and ethnic diversity remain at the forefront in the thoughts and actions of NEACAC members and the greater educational community. Seeking to be the voice of diversity in all of its many forms within the NEACAC organization, the IDEA committee works hard to ensure that underrepresented people, both within the membership and in the college-bound population with whom we work, have voices that are heard by the larger membership. The IDEA Committee strives to be a catalyst - heightening awareness, consciousness and sensitivity to the issues of culture, ethnicity, socio-economic status, human rights, gender, sexual orientation, age and other differences. The IDEA Committee serves as the communicator, spokesperson and advocate for personal and cultural issues affecting our profession, and the health and wellness of our membership..

Member Services

Coordinates and promotes of membership, for both new and ''renewing'' counselors and institutions. Seeks programs and ideas that will strengthen the membership base and provide incentives for becoming a member. Develops and evaluates membership retention and recruitment plans. Works with NEACAC staff to annually produce the NEACAC Resource Directory.


Is led the by the former Past-President and assists in securing candidates for available offices and coordinates the election process. Organizes the “Professional of the Year”, “William S. Neal”, ''IDEAL'' and ''NEACAC Rising Star'' awards process. This Committee is by invitation only.

Professional Development

Coordinates and assists in the development and presentation of programs and activities related to professional education. Members will have the ability to chair subcommittees to plan and run our various Professional Development programs. As a committee, members will discuss various new programs and ways to enhance current traditional programs. The committee is also responsible for developing timelines, mission statements, and curriculums for each event. This committee is an excellent opportunity members will be able to develop their management skills, event planning abilities, and also be able to network with professionals in secondary education and higher education--a wonderful Professional Development experience in itself!


The Sponsorship Committee works with other NEACAC committees as needed to find, develop and solicit sponsorship and other external revenue initiatives for activities and publications.

Two Year Colleges

Consults with two-year colleges regarding specific needs as developed by the committee. Acts as a liaison between secondary schools, two and four-year colleges. Offers speaker availability to secondary schools for college informational and financial aid programs.

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