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Educational Sessions


With over seventy educational conference sessions being offered, there is something for everyone! Whether you work on the college side or the high school side, are a CBO or an Independent Counselor -- we guarantee that you will leave AMC 2019 with new ideas and actionable next steps for the work that you do. Below is a list of just a few of the sessions you can expect to see. Click here to view the complete Annual Meeting & Conference Program Booklet!


  • E-Sports & College: The New Student Athlete
  • The Evolution of Enrollment Management Marketing: Where Technology and Tradition Meet
  • Gender Inclusive Language Policies and Practice
  • Remote Control: A Discussion Around Managing and Working Regional Roles
  • Beyond Awareness: Interrupting Bias in the College Admissions Process
  • Myth Busting: Studying Overseas
  • Do Extracurricular Activities Actually Matter?
  • To Lean In or Not to Lean In: Navigating Gendered Issues in a Career in Higher Education
  • Show Me the Money: Demystifying Grant Writing
  • Who me?!?! Living with Imposter Syndrome
  • Authentic Code-Switching
  • Counselor Advisory Boards: What They Are and The Benefits of Having One
  • Watch Where You Step: Learning to Navigate a New Institutional Culture
  • Management Tools You Can Actually Use
  • #BECOMING Better Advocates for Marginalized Students
  • Emotional Labor: Reexamining the "Burden" of Caring Too Much
  • Rookie Years: Eating Alone and Answers to Other Questions
  • The Role of Proficiency Grading in the College Admission Process
  • Reading International Students in the United States
  • The GPA Game Re-imagined!
  • From the Admissions Application to Campus Education: Including Transgender Identities
  • First-Generation Students: Because Getting In Isn't Enough!
  • Guiding Potential Student Athletes Through The Admission Process
  • Doctors, Lawyers, and Engineers, OH MY! - Identity Crises at Seventeen
  • Transfer Recruitment: Best Practices
  • But I Don't Have the Time: Tools for Maximizing Productivity