The National Association for College Admission Counseling's 73rd National Conference will take place Thursday, September 14th - Saturday, September 16th at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center.  Please visit this page for conference updatesAlso, contact with any questions.  


Post-secondary institutions in New England: It's time to fill out the form to request to host a college tour!  Whether it be for a partial day, a full day, or several days, alone or with a group or as a consortium, the College Tour Coordinators Jeff McAdam (Kents Hill School) and Sherri Geller (Gann Academy) are ready to help you have a great tour experience for counselors across the world.  NACAC will promote the College Tours on the Conference Registration page to encourage as much participation as possible. Tours can begin on Sunday morning, September 10th; participants must be able to return to the Convention Center by noon on September 14th.  Want to showcase your school?  Please visit, and find helpful hints in this letter