About IDEA Committee

The Chair is submitted by the President-Elect and is approved by the Governing Board. The membership of the committee strives to reflect the diversity of our society and the wider organization (e.g., private and public school counselors from school counseling and college admission, as well as members with different racial, ethnicity, gender, and religious backgrounds; and people with different sexual orientations and physical abilities.) The IDEA Committee develops programs that foster and ensure a supportive environment for counselors and the students we serve, especially those from traditionally underrepresented areas and groups. It seeks to meet this goal through the Margaret Addis Memorial Scholars Program, the Make a Difference Fund, programming at the Annual Meeting and Conference, and the AMC essay contest, and by providing programming to targeted groups in various parts of the region. The committee strives to be the social conscience of NEACAC by promoting awareness, sensitivity and appreciation of human differences. The committee works with the Member Services, Annual Meeting and Professional Development Committees to achieve our goals.