Current Trends

The Committee on Current Trends reviews trends in counseling, college admission and enrollment management. The committee shall develop programs and services that educate and inform members and other publics about professional issues and trends. The committee will also highlight trends that impact the work of other NEACAC committees.

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Tough Times for New England Higher Education 

As anyone associated with higher education in New England knows, the last 12 to 18 months have been rough for higher education in this region. While many colleges and universities are thriving and feel robust about their futures, a growing number of institutions, most smaller in size, face uncertain futures, or no future at all.

We have assembled here a representative sample of articles in the press about this on-going crisis in New England higher education. This is by no means a definitive collection of the myriad of pieces about this issue, but we hope this representative sample gives anyone who delves into them a greater sense of perspective of how things are unfolding.

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Brenda Poznanski - Chair
Bishop Guertin High School
[email protected]

Committee Members:

Dana Brokmeier, Bryant University
James Cristiano, Merrimack College
Henry DelAngelo, Joel Barlow High School
Kathryn Dromey, Agawam High School
Dionna Jenkins, College Visions
James Tweed, Rhode Island College
Joseph Varao, Roger Williams University