Mentorship Program

Thank you for your interest in participating in NEACAC's Mentorship Program!

This initiative is designed to help NEACAC members learn from each other, build professional relationships, gain support, and develop a deeper understanding of the profession. We hope that our pairings will result in mutually-beneficial connections, in which mentors have the opportunity to impart knowledge, expertise, and wisdom and while honing their mentoring and advising skills.
We seek a diverse group of volunteer mentors to serve as resources and role models to counselors looking to grow and advance their careers.  

Details and application links are below. If you have any questions about these forms or the program, please reach out to Katherine Kistner, [email protected], Mentorship Sub-committee Chair (Catholic Memorial, MA).

Want to be a mentor?

Mentors will work with one or more admission or school counseling professionals for one year, but the time may vary depending on the relationship and at your discretion. If you are chosen to be a mentor, we expect you to plan to connect with your mentee(s) periodically throughout the year and participate, when possible, in meetings with other mentors.  While preference will be given to professionals with at least five years of relevant experience, and we are especially seeking senior admissions officers and school counselors at this time, all NEACAC members are welcome to apply to be mentors.  

Please click here for the application to be a mentor.

Want to have a mentor?

We will pair you with an experienced admission or school counseling professional, who will serve as a resource at various points throughout the year. The program commitment or partnership will last one year, but the time may vary at your discretion.  All NEACAC members are eligible for this program, regardless of years in the profession. 

Please click here for the application to have a mentor.


You may fill out an application at any time.  The selection and matching process will typically occur in June and December.

Other logistics

  • If you would like to both be a mentor and have a mentor, please fill out both (separate) forms.
  • Training materials, group meeting dates, and other information will be shared with participants periodically.




Katherine Kistner - Mentorship Sub-Committee Chair
Catholic Memorial, MA
[email protected]