The committee is led by the former Past-President and assists in securing candidates for available offices and coordinates the election process. Nominations for leadership positions will open in October. This committee also organizes the “Professional of the Year”, “William S. Neal”, ''IDEAL", and ''NEACAC Rising Star'' awards process

This Committee is by invitation only. 


Andrew Rosabianca - Chair
Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
[email protected]


Nominating Committee 2022-2023:

Anthony Berry, Trinity College
Henry DelAngelo, Joel Barlow High School
Craig Dionne, University of Denver
Melissa Fowler, Greely High School
Scott Harris, Scarborough High School
Christine Hickey Brown, Providence College
Nakia Letang, Fairfield University
Coral Maack, Rhode Island College
Craig Plummer, Independent College Counselor
Sarah Soule, Middlebury Union High School
Wanda Suriel, Wheaton College
Meghan Sweet, South Burlington High School
Christina Doyle, NEACAC- Executive Director


NEACAC leadership provides professional development, opportunities for networking – and some fun! Board meetings are designed to conduct NEACAC business and present occasions to discuss issues important to the Association and the profession. NEACAC pays all relevant expenses.  

The Nominating Committee is seeking candidates to run for President-elect (from the secondary side; NEACAC rotates high school/college leaders for this role) and for Treasurer-elect.

Nominations have now closed.

The open positions are:

President-elect: The Presidency is a premier professional leadership position, playing a vital role in running and representing NEACAC. Presidents also have the opportunity to attend NACAC leadership events. The NEACAC Presidency is a three-year term (President-elect, President, Past-President) with an additional year as Nominating Committee Chair.


Treasurer-elect: NEACAC’s treasurer serves in a three-year term; one year as Treasurer-elect (overlapping with and learning from the current treasurer), one year as Treasurer, and then one year as Past-Treasurer. The Treasurer, in consultation with the Executive Board, Executive Director, and Finance Committee, manages NEACAC’s finances, monitors and analyzes the budget, and makes recommendations about keeping NEACAC fiscally healthy. 


 *Update 11-22-2022: Please note, until NACAC’s results to their Special Member Vote are announced, we are unaware if we will be electing Delegates.


Delegate (TBD): NEACAC currently has 20 delegates to the NACAC Assembly* and strives to have a diverse group of representatives from a variety of institutions. The NACAC Assembly functions as a governing body that initiates, advises, and provides consent on association and professional issues. Delegates must be NACAC members, although nominees need not. Delegates serve on the NEACAC Governing Board for three years, and receive complimentary NACAC Conference registration. 

*NACAC is currently reimagining the role of Assembly Delegates within the national structure.   

*In addition to the above role description, Assembly Delegates may be tasked by the NEACAC Executive Board to serve on working groups or ad-hoc committees.  Previous working groups have included: financial viability, gender-inclusive practices, scholarship and grant review, etc. 

If you have any questions about the nomination process or leadership roles, please contact Andrew Rosabianca, Nominating Committee Chair, at [email protected].