Membership Renewal for College & Secondary School members:

In order to renew membership, the Key Member at the institution will need to follow these steps. Please contact us should you have any questions.

  1. You will receive an email with the invoice.  If it is correct, you can pay it online at the bottom of the invoice, or print and send to your Business Office for a check.
  2. If edits need to be made: Log-in with your user name and password. 
  3. Click on the "Member Profiles" link in Quick Links (red box on right)
  4. Click on My Profile
  5. Click on My Organization
  6. Click on Invoice to see details.
  7. If the member list is in flux, and you work at a Secondary School, you can pay the $25 and update the roster when you finish staff hiring. Secondary School pricing is $25.00 for full staff; regardless of the number of counselors.
  8. If the member list is in flux and you work at a College, and you aniticipate the same number of staff members as listed on the invoice, you can pay the invoice and update names after hiring. Or you can update the list with names to date (instructions below) and continue to send member names, receiving invoices of $5 per person, after payment of initial base price. 

Instructions to ADD & DELETE Members from Roster

  1. Go to “Individual Profiles” to edit your list
  2. To Delete a member, click “unlink” on the far right of name
  3. To ADD a member(s), go to “Create Linked Profile” button on the left
  4. Complete the form.  Assign a user name –such as an email address. Member will choose their own password.
  5. After you’ve added and deleted members, you need to create a new invoice. 

Create a new Invoice

  1. Go to : HOW TO BECOME A MEMBER from front of website (Quick Links).
  2. Choose your membership type from the list
  3. Complete the data questions
  4. Return to “Invoice” tab
  5. Click on Invoice number on the left to view new invoice.
  6. Continue to approve & hit “next” until HOW TO PAY page. Choose the option that is best for you!
  7. If you can't stand all these steps, I don't blame you; email me with new names & email address and Delete names at [email protected]



Complete the Renewal Application