Exhibitor Guidelines


Our college fairs are for two- and four-year colleges and universities, who are members of NEACAC.  On a space-available basis, we may accommodate some non-profit organizational members who assist students with the transition from high school to college.

  • Institutions may have up to two representatives occupying each allotted space.
  • Institutions will not distribute toys, shopping bags, calendars, bumper stickers, buttons, pennants, pencils, posters, candy, or the like.
  • Institutions will only hand out written materials containing factual information.
  • Institutions will not conduct physical or academic exams.
  • Institutions will not use visual-aid or audio equipment with the possible exception of laptop demonstrations that will not block other tables or obstruct aisles.
  • Institutional displays will not exceed 18 inches in height and 40 inches in width.
  • Institutional representatives will remain behind each table if conducting interviews.
  • Institutions will not conduct transactions involving the exchange of monies, nor will it conduct drawings, lotteries, or contests of any kind.
  • A representative of each institution will arrive prior to the start of the fair and remain until the fair has concluded.
  • Representatives will not alter any sign from the appropriate format (name of institution, town, state).
  • Representatives of each institution will not engage in any behavior that is offensive or bothersome to another institution's representative.
  • Institutions will provide written notice in the event it is unable to participate in a fair for which it's registered.
  • Trained alumni representatives may represent an institution, provided they adhere to the rules listed above.