Government Relations Advisory Committee

A committee designed to raise membership awareness and keep membership informed; to learn all that can be learned about the state and federal legislative process in New England; to become acquainted with members of New England’s education policy-making committees and learn how they operate.

The goals of the committee are: 

  • Develop avenues for dialogue with local policy-making communities and with allied associations having common causes.
  • Establish a New England communication network that can monitor, report and take action on state and federal legislation important to NEACAC and to secure a list of NEACAC members of Congress.
  • Establish clear lines of communication with the National GRAC committee
  • Facilitate discussion related to committee goals and objectives
  • Strive to have one committee member from each state on the GRAC committee
  • Schedule committee meetings during the year.

Please contact the GRAC Committee Chair with any questions or issues you would like to discuss!


The GRAC committee is compiling resources with the hopes of education our members in regards to the Current Supreme Court Case & Affirmative Action. Please check back for additional/updated resources! 



Jack Evans Tucky - Committee Chair 
Saint Louis University
 [email protected]       



Committee Members:

Todd Audyatis, Bridgewater State
Robert Bardwell, Monson High School
Marybeth Cheverie, Boston College
Phyllis Currao, Proctor Jr/Sr High School
Andrea D'entremont, Sharon High School
Jim Fowler, Salve Regina University
Dionna Jenkins, College Visions
Kyler Jesanis, Roger Williams University
Samuel Mahler, Champlain University
Andrea Navarro, Excel Academy
Lindsay Pike, Tufts University
Matthew Rosen, Wilton Public Schools
Patti Tomashot, Stowe High School
Sharon Veatch, Housatonic Valley Regional High School