Newsletter - Fall 2017                                                                                                                                          Vol 1, Issue 1

In This Issue...

  1. A Message from President Andrew Rosabianca
  2. NACAC Boston 2017!
  3. Admissions Practices Update - Statement of Principles and Good Practice
  4. NEACAC Annual Meeting and Conference Recap
  5. NEACAC Annual Awards
  6. Margaret Addis Memorial Scholars
  7. IDEA Committee Essay Award Winners


A Message from the NEACAC President

by Andrew Rosabianca


I am so happy to welcome you to our updated newsletter! The Communication and Web Services Committee has been hard at work over the past year to try and reimagine our communication with our members. I am proud of what they have produced. This is your association, and our members are what makes the work we do so wonderful. I encourage you to use this newsletter as a forum to share your ideas, thoughts, and expertise with others. If you have something you would like to see or contribute, please do not hesitate to reach out to me or the Communication and Web Services Committee. 

The past few months as your President have been very exciting. I can’t believe how quickly the time has passed since the Annual Meeting and Conference, but I am so happy with the progress we have seen with our work in that time. Since AMC, the Presidents, Presidents-Elect, and Immediate Past Presidents gathered in West Palm Beach, FL for NACAC’s Leadership Development Institute. It was a great time to collaborate with our colleagues from across the country and to hear updates from NACAC. NACAC has established a new Strategic Plan, and we were all able to learn more and see how it will affect what we will do in our affiliates and at a national level. It is always good to see our colleagues from other affiliates, share ideas, and tell them about the good work we are doing in New England. 

After the NACAC LDI, we welcomed the Governing Board to Salve Regina University for NEACAC’s Leadership Development Institute. The couple of days in Newport allowed us to come together as a group and conduct our first business of the year. I encouraged our Governing Board to speak up at our meetings. Their voices represent the needs of our members and are what moves our organization forward. I was so pleased to see that happen in our first meeting. The board was engaged, debated, and set us on a strong course for the year. You should be so proud of our leaders! The Governing Board decided to extend the work of the Ad Hoc Committees on Volunteering and Mentors. This additional time will allow both Ad Hoc Committees to continue to work with our membership to determine the best course of action for the future. Additionally, two new Ad Hoc Committees were approved—one to look at our Financial Sustainability and one to look at the future of College Fairs. The Financial Sustainability Ad Hoc Committee will look at our revenue sources and for ways that we can remain fiscally strong while giving back to our members. The College Fairs Ad Hoc Committee will look at the future of our fairs, explore potential areas of growth, investigate partnerships, and set a course for success into the future. I am working with our Executive Board to establish these committees and I look forward to sharing information with the membership soon. 

We are fresh off the NACAC Conference in Boston, and I want to share what an incredible experience it was to have the national conference in a city within our affiliate. NACAC welcomed close to 8,000 attendees to Boston! I am proud of our membership who volunteered, answered questions, or welcomed colleagues to our region. I especially want to extend my gratitude to the Local Advisory Committee, which is a group of NEACAC volunteers who worked with NACAC on all logistics of the conference. The Local Advisory Committee was led by Jeff Gallant and Kathi Moody, and included Cicily Shaw, Sherri Geller, Erin Regan, Tim Cushing, Brian Poznanski, Jeff McAdam, Danny Richer, Liz Cheron, Danielle Wells, Helen Burke Montague, Emma Brown, Kelly Bellavance, and Amy Cembor. Please thank these incredible individuals when you see them for helping to make the NACAC conference such a success. 

On another note, please keep our colleagues in mind who have been affected by various hurricanes and natural disasters over the past few weeks. We have all seen pictures of the devastation, so please consider helping in any way that you can. Anything that you can do will be appreciated—a donation, extending deadlines to students applying to your schools, providing assistance to counselors you are visiting or asking to send application materials, or just simply a call to someone you know to check in on them. I admire our profession because of the connections we form, and those relationships will help others rise above whatever they are facing. 

I am looking forward to the year ahead. Please let me know if you have any thoughts or would like to get involved. Our association is strong because of our members, and your voice is what moves the needle on the work we do. I hope your school year is off to a wonderful start!


NACAC Boston 2017!

By Jeff Gallant (Boston College, MA) and Kathi Moody (Lynnfield High School, MA)


Highlights from NACAC Boston 2017

We know all will agree that the conference was a tremendous success!  Boston welcomed over 7,800 members (the largest in conference history) and we are so grateful for all of the wonderful volunteers who helped to make the conference such an outstanding experience.  The LAC couldn’t have done it with you all…NEACAC showed its true volunteer spirit!

College Tours:

Sherri Geller and Jeff McAdam did a tremendous job in organizing and sending off the largest amount of tours offered at a NACAC conference. While their days started early, both were able to get all of our attendees on the right bus and off to their destinations with efficiency and a wonderful greeting each day. Many thanks to all of the schools, who participated- thank you for offering such great opportunities for counselors to see your campuses.

Counselor Preview Day:

Helen Montague and Cicily Shaw spearheaded this annual conference offering bringing just under 100 local counselors to Boston for the day for this unique opportunity. With a breakfast sponsored by the Jack Cook Kent Foundation and speakers including Andrew Rosabianca and Bob Bardwell, participants were given a full day to enjoy the conference as well as time to attend both the Access College Fair and the Counselor College Fair. While this program has had a luncheon format in the past, Cicily and Helen did a tremendous job of revamping the program to ensure that counselors could make the most of their time spent at the conference.

Hospitality: Emma Brown and Kelly Bellavance took charge of the Information Booth and also pitched in to help with all of the other committees when they weren’t helping attendees find ways to enjoy the conference. Liz Cheron was also an integral part of this committee and while she wasn’t able to attend the full conference, we were blessed to have her share the newest addition to the Cheron family (congratulations Liz!) with a surprise visit from Kate and mom. Liz, Emma and Kelly did a great job leading up the conference with all of their input and expertise on Boston. 

Logistical Arrangements:

As you entered each session and had your badge scanned you may not have thought twice about this particular process. Amy Cembor and Erin Regan, co-chairs for this committee, took the lead on coordinating this giant effort.  Coordinating volunteers and working with the conference planning staff was no easy feat but both handled this enormous undertaking with great organization and precision as they are both known for! Many thanks to all who were able to help out with all of the session scanning duties.


Danielle Wells and Brian Poznanski took on this herculean program with ever present smiles and cheerful greetings. Their preparations began Monday afternoon with organizing a team of volunteers to help stuff the 8,000 conference padfolios.  Students from Boston Trinity Academy as well as Boston College were able to join us in this effort and within a few short hours, the project was complete. From there, the Registration desk opened and with each passing day, our attendees were checked in to the conference. Thursday was the peak day for arrivals with over 4,000 people checking in to get their badges, water bottles and padfolios. It was a bit of a whirlwind for sure, but with great support from the many volunteers and skillful guidance from Danielle and Brian, the process went smoothly. 


Special Events:

Tim Cushing and Danny Richer…can you think of two better people to take on the responsibilities for adding a Boston flair to the conference? Starting with the Opening Reception on Thursday night and the photo-op with the Duck Boat and ending with NACAC’s biggest party, the Conference Social at the House of Blues, all of these events were well executed with the help of Danny and Tim. They worked tirelessly throughout the planning process and then at the conference for each event, making sure we all had a GREAT time kicking back and unwinding. Add to that an appearance from Wally, the Green Monster and his gal Tessie, and our guests from around the country (and world) were given a true- Boston experience!

The outpouring of support from all of our NEACAC members was awesome to see and quite humbling. We are also very appreciative for the support we received directly from the Governing Board under the leadership of Andre Rosabianca. It was a wonderful time and while we head back to our “day jobs” the memories are there to give us energy!


 With gratitude,

 Jeff Gallant and Kathi Moody
 Co-Chairs, Local Advisory Committee



Statement of Principles and Good Practice:

NACAC's Code of Ethics and Professional Practices

By Jill Britton (Westbrook High School, CT) - NEACAC Admission Practices Committee

It is official!  (drum roll please….)The National Association for College Admission Counseling’s Assembly voted unanimously on September 16th, 2017 to adopt the revised SPGP at the Boston National Conference! 

As many of you may already know, the National Admissions Practices Committee has been hard at work making revisions to the Statement of Principles and Good Practices over the past year to bring our current “Best Practices” document (the SPGP) up to date with the changing landscape of College Admission.  Some of the key areas being addressed include: Professional conduct, Transparency, Conflicts of Interest, Application plans, Deferred /mid-year admission, Transfer admission, Waitlists, and International recruitment.  This process was thoroughly vetted by all sides of our counseling profession and the steering committee reviewed thousands of comments that arrived via surveys, conference sessions, NACAC exchange, emails and phone calls.  Some of you attended the session at our AMC in Keene to see first hand what changes have been made. Others may want to view it for yourselves on the link after reading this article!  As co-chair of our New England admission practices affiliate, I can say without hesitation that the committee took tremendous care in creating a clear, concise, and thoroughly updated document to put forth a working code of ethics and professional practices that addresses unethical and unfair practice.

Some of the key goals and motivations of revising the SPGP was to make the document more user friendly and easier navigate along with providing rationale for the rules and ethical practices we try hard to adhere.  It is very important that we protect our students from unethical recruitment practices and our institutions from unfair competition.  Attention has been given to the process of filing a complaint, and the monitoring and compliance procedures that are firmly in place with our AP committees.

Now that it is approved,  it will become effective immediately and will replace the current SPGP with a moratorium until September 2018 on any violations that may be unique to the new document.   This Fall continues to be an exciting time for our organization, It is our hope that as we evolve as a professionals, we can utilize the hard work put forward in this new document and the thoughtful insights gleaned through our code of ethics and best practices.    


Assembly Delegates representing NEACAC


Annual Meeting and Conference (AMC) Recap

By Diane Soboski (College of the Holy Cross, MA)

On behalf of the Planning Committee, I’d like to thank all those who attended, presented at and supported the 2017 Annual Meeting & Conference. The resounding success of this year’s conference is due in no small part to our wonderfully engaged and committed NEACAC membership. This year, we happily welcomed over 700 guests to Keene State College in late May. Over the course of three days, we were able accomplish much work for the business of our association, develop professional by engaging in important dialogues, and expand our networks through lively social events.


Highlights of this year’s conference included a wonderful welcoming session where we were treated to an inspiring and heartfelt message from this year’s keynote speaker, Liz Murray. Her unbelievably candid and honest remarks humbled and inspired us, acting as a necessary reminder of the impact we can have on the lives of the students we work with on a daily basis.  Attendees had the opportunity to attend a variety of professional sessions including four pre-conference offerings and 67 options during the full conference.


We held an incredibly efficient and informative Annual Membership Meeting that included relevant reports, announcements and voting on several articles to improve our governance, as well as honoring members of our association with prestigious awards. We were honored to welcome incoming NACAC President, David Burge who shared his insights and reflections on the work NACAC will be doing in the coming year. We also heard from both outgoing NEACAC President Sherri Geller, as well as incoming NEACAC President Andrew Rosabianca, on the extensive work that our regional association has accomplished and will continue to achieve in the coming year.


I’d be remiss if I didn’t take one more opportunity to thank all those that gave of their time, shared their expertise and dedicated themselves to making this year’s conference a success. Keene State University was the consummate host; they were a model of customer service and went above and beyond to ensure that all our guests were well cared for. Our NEACAC e-board and governing board provided tremendous support and knowledge throughout the planning process. Lastly, I’d like to thank our AMC planning committee; this group of 51 professionals displayed their creativity, innovation, dedication and worked tirelessly to ensure that no detail would be forgotten. It was an absolute pleasure working with you all, and I very much look forward to seeing everyone at next year’s super conference!



top photo: AMC Chair Diane Soboski, AMC Co-Chair Michael Iorio, NEACAC 2017-18 President Andrew Rosabianca, and NEACAC 2016-17 President Sherri Geller
middle photo: AMC attendees learn of the proposed changes to the SPGP
bottom photo: AMC attendees are entertained by dueling pianos


NEACAC Annual Awards

By Ashleigh Sargent (Saint Anselm College, NH)


Harry R. Carroll Award

The Harry R. Carroll award is the highest annual award given to a NEACAC member. This award honors the memory of Harry Rowland Carroll, who served the University of New Hampshire and Colby College for twenty-five years. He is remembered for his leadership, guidance, and mentorship to colleagues throughout New England. His commitment to ethical standards and dedication to his students has set an example for those who have followed him. Recipients of the Harry R. Carroll award have made significant contributions to the field of college admission counseling and exemplify the values of this talented man. Bob Bardwell from Monson High School, Monson, MA was presented with the 2017 award.

Bob Bardwell is honored by his colleague and friend Kathi Moody (Lynnfield High School, MA)


William S. Neal Award

Recipients of the William S. Neal Award have been members of NEACAC for 5 to 15 years and reflect the qualities of William S. Neal, whose guidance touched students, families, and counselors during his 32 year career. Bill served as the chief admission officer at Norwich University and Elmira College for 24 years, and he is remembered for his contribution to regional college fairs and his mentorship of new admission and high school counselors at the Annual Meeting Conference. This award honors professionals who have dedicated themselves to association activities and show promise for future service. Erin Earle from the University of Rhode Island, Kingston, RI was honored with the 2017 award.

Erin Earle shares a congratulatory moment with NEACAC 2016-17 President Sherri Geller (Gann Academy, MA)



NEACAC Rising Star Award

The Rising Star Award recognizes an individual or program with fewer than five years of NEACAC membership. Rising Star award recipients strive to make a difference through non-traditional approaches and dedicate themselves to serving students in the transition from high school to college. This year, Alexandra Bellerose from Worcester State University, Worcester, MA was selected as the 2017 NEACAC Rising Star.

Alexandra Bellerose with her Admission Director and award nominee, Joe DiCarlo (Worcester State University, MA)



The IDEAL (Inclusion, Diversity, Education, Access, and Leadership) Award honors an individual, institution, or organization who has shown a long-term and sustained commitment to issues of access for students of color, first generation college student, low income student, undocumented students, and LBGTQ students. Jackie Haas from Salem Stat University, Salem, MA received the 2017 IDEAL award at the NEACAC Annual Meeting in Conference in June, recognizing her consistent dedication to creating opportunities and positive outcomes for underserved students.

Jackie Haas, recognized by Nominating Committee Chair, Marguerite Raymo (Jonathan Law High School, CT)


Professionals of the Year

NEACAC recognizes individuals each year who have a proven record of accomplishment and act as strong advocates for students and/or their institution. These individuals are mentors and leaders who show sensitivity, patience, and honesty in their work with students, parents, and colleagues. The 2017 Professionals of the Year are:

  • Brennan Barnard, The Derryfield School, Manchester, NH
  • Mary Dunn, Salem State University, Salem, MA
  • Courtney Kipp, Northeastern University, Boston, MA
  • Sally McCarthy, Harwood Union High School, Moretown, VT
  • Daniel Monahan, Cheshire Academy, Cheshire, CT
  • Peter Miller, Anna Maria College, Paxton, MA

Margaret Addis Memorial Scholar Program

The Margaret Addis Memorial Scholar Program provides funds for secondary school counselors from underrepresented areas, including rural or urban secondary schools, EOP/TRIO programs and agencies, and community/technical colleges, to attend the Annual Meeting and Conference. Candidates for the program work in settings negatively impacted by budget cuts or limitations, and thus, cannot afford the cost of NEACAC members or attendance to the Annual Meeting and Conference. The Margaret Addis Memorial Scholarship assists NEACAC and the IDEA Committee in providing access to professional development communities for all professionals. The 2017 recipients include:

  • Ellen Bakker, Pioneer Charter School of Science, MA
  • Stacie Brimmage, Dynamy Youth Academy, MA
  • Daniel Bumbarger, North Country Union High School, VT
  • Julie Finnegan, Castleton University, VT
  • Marilyn Flo, Burncoat High School/Educational Talent Search, MA
  • Rachele Hartley, Oceanside High School, ME
  • Ashley Januszewski, Wareham High School, MA
  • Ashley Lafond, Goffstown High School, NH
  • Diana Mastrocola, City On A Hill Public Carter School- Circuit St, MA
  • Tyler Seidenberg, Stevens High School, NH
  • Madrine Straker, Warren Harding High School, CT
  • Kyle Virgin, Upward Bound, Keene State University, NH

A few of the MAMS recipients with Jackie Haas. 



NEACAC Essay Contest Winners

By Jill Reitzell (Lasell College, MA)

The IDEA Committee is pleased to announce the winners of this year’s NEACAC Essay Contest! High school juniors and seniors from NEACAC-member high schools in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont were invited to submit a 500-word essay on the following topic:

Describe a counselor, teacher, or coach who has had the greatest influence on your decision to attend college. How has this individual impacted your future? What will you do in college or beyond that will make a difference in your community?

A panel of NEACAC members judged essays based on originality, creativity, focus, clarity, and structure. Students from a broad range of academic preparation were encouraged to apply.

Six winners—one from each of the six New England states— were awarded a $1000 scholarship and received recognition at an awards ceremony during the Association’s Annual Meeting and Conference. Over 200 submissions were made. The 2017 Essay Contest Winners:

                  Vermont: Chloe Burkett, Burr and Burton Academy

                  Rhode Island: Abby Mansolillo, Moses Brown School

                  New Hampshire: Kylie Hancock, Alvirne High School

                  Maine: Joshua Passarelli, Scarborough High School

                  Massachusetts: Jordan Kei-Rahn, Longmeadow High School

                 Connecticut: Natalia Savkovic, Masuk High School



                             Meet your NEACAC Leadership




Committee Role FName LName School/Organization   email
Eboard President Andrew Rosabianca Saint Anselm College NH [email protected]
Eboard Executive Administrator Caroline Dana NEACAC MA [email protected]
Eboard Vice President Joe DiCarlo Worcester State University MA [email protected]
Eboard Past President Sherri Geller Gann Academy MA [email protected]
Eboard Secretary Diana Gingles Providence College RI [email protected]
Eboard Treasurer Eric Nichols Saint Anselm College NH [email protected]
Eboard President-Elect Erin Regan Sharon High School MA [email protected]
Eboard Treasurer-Elect Amy Tiberio Roger Williams University RI [email protected]
Program Chairs Summer Institute Sara Brookshire Brandeis University MA [email protected]
Program Chairs Summer Institute Chair-Elect Christina Cerenzia St. George’s School RI [email protected]
Program Chairs ASSCSI Cristan Harris The Williams School CT [email protected]
Program Chairs Rising Leaders Colloquium Jonathan Henry Husson University ME [email protected]
Committee Chair Admissions Practices, Co-Chair Jill Britton Westbrook High School CT [email protected]
Committee Chair NECBAC Member-at-Large Tom Campbell Holy Cross MA [email protected]
Committee Chair Communications and Web Services, Chair Lisa Ellrich University of Maine at Farmington ME [email protected]
Committee Chair Admissions Practices, Co-Chair Jim  Fowler Salve Regina University RI [email protected]
Committee Chair IDEA, Chair Jackie Haas Salem State MA [email protected]
Committee Chair Articles of Organization & By-Laws, Chair Jayson Hodge University of Connecticut CT [email protected]
Committee Chair Professional Development, Chair Kate Innes Emmanuel College MA [email protected]
Committee Chair Annual Meeting, Chair Michael  Iorio Saint Anselm College NH [email protected]
Committee Chair Member Services, Chair Rebecca Kosakowski New Hampton School NH [email protected]
Committee Chair College Fairs, Chair Meghan Monaco Endicott College MA [email protected]
Committee Chair Sponsorship, Chair Jeff Portu Northeastern University MA [email protected]
Committee Chair Finance, Chair Mario Silva-Rosa Bentley University MA [email protected]
Committee Chair GRAC, Chair Sharon Veatch Housatonic Valley Regional High School CT [email protected]
Committee Chair Two Year Colleges, Chair  Donna Walker Cape Cod Community College MA [email protected]
Committee Chair Current Trends, Chair Terry Ward Providence Country Day School RI [email protected]
Committee Chair Nominating Jon Westover University of Massachusetts Amherst MA [email protected]
Committee Chair-Elect Annual Meeting & Conference, Chair-Elect Christina Berardi Salve Regina University RI [email protected]
Ad Hoc Committee Chairs Volunteer Program Erin Earle University of Rhode Island RI [email protected]
Ad Hoc Committee Chairs Mentoring Program Amy Tiberio Roger Williams University RI [email protected]
Alternate Delegate Delegate Alyssa Frank Boston Latin School MA [email protected]
Alternate Delegate Delegate Kate Gerbode-Grant The College Board MA [email protected]
Assembly Delegates Delegate Lauren Avalos MIT MA [email protected]
Assembly Delegates Delegate Christina Berardi Salve Regina University RI [email protected]
Assembly Delegates Delegate Erin Casey LaSalle Academy RI [email protected]
Assembly Delegates Delegate Christina Cerenzia St. George's School RI [email protected]
Assembly Delegates Delegate Jason Cloutier Xavier University OH [email protected]
Assembly Delegates Delegate Timothy  Cushing Brewster Academy NH [email protected]
Assembly Delegates Delegate Erik DeAngelis Brown University RI [email protected]
Assembly Delegates Delegate Kathryn Dromey Agawam High School MA [email protected]
Assembly Delegates Delegate Erin Earle University of Rhode Island RI [email protected]
Assembly Delegates Delegate Christopher Fox University of Southern Maine ME [email protected]
Assembly Delegates Chief Delegate Sherri Geller Gann Academy MA [email protected]
Assembly Delegates Delegate Cristan Harris The Williams School CT [email protected]
Assembly Delegates Delegate Caroline Higgins Westwood High School MA [email protected]
Assembly Delegates Delegate Maureen O’Dea Londonderry High School NH [email protected]
Assembly Delegates Delegate Lynne O’Shaughnessy Berwick Academy ME [email protected]
Assembly Delegates Delegate William  Pepin North Smithfield High School RI [email protected]
Assembly Delegates Delegate Erin Regan Sharon High School MA [email protected]
Assembly Delegates Delegate Andrew Rosabianca Saint Anselm College NH [email protected]
Assembly Delegates Delegate Amy Tiberio Roger Williams University RI [email protected]


 A note about the newsletter: After a year plus hiatus while we transitions to a new webpage and server the NEACAC Newsletter has returned in electronic form. We anticipate publishing the newsletter twice per year (Fall and Winter) initially with the potential to increase to three editions if we believe it is necessary. This is intended to serve as a way to share the great work of the association with members as well as another way for us to get to know each other along the way. We hope to include member spot lights and other informational and educational pieces along the way. Currently it is a work in progress that we plan to further develop as we move forward. The monthly eBlast will continue as the focus of that communication is really quick, short items that are time sensitive, etc. If you have questions please feel free to reach out to Lisa Ellrich, Chair of the Communications and Web Services Committee at [email protected].

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