Anti-Racist Collaborative

The NEACAC Anti-Racist Collaborative (ARC), on August 11, 2022 at Kingswood Oxford School in West Hartford, CT, seeks to bring professionals together as a cohort to workshop policies and practices from institutions in the spirit of aiding the evolution of secondary and post-secondary relationships and support structures. We will workshop policies and practices to center traditionally marginalized identities and better serve communities in the quest to dismantle systemic racism. Cohorts will workshop dilemmas or practices to make their spheres of influence more anti-racist. 

We welcome nominations and self-nominations. The hope will be to bring a diverse group of individuals from all parts of the Admission and College Counseling profession, from various institutions, with various perspectives, backgrounds, identities, and from diverse points on their professional journey. A nomination or self nomination is not a commitment to participating, only expressing interest. You may submit more than one form (either to nominate multiple people and/or to nominate yourself and others). Please note that if you would like to nominate/self-nominate multiple people, you must fill out a form for each nomination.  Selected participants will be informed around the second week of June, with commitments taking place at that point. Additionally, at that time, conference pre-work will be shared with participants.  

We invite you to watch this short video to learn more about ARC!

ARC welcomes collaboration and hope that individuals will nominate/self-nominate folks who they wish to collaborate on a project or a dilemma. However, please note we will need to limit the number of individuals attending ARC from one institution in order to ensure a diverse community of professionals.  If you are nominating someone as part of a collaboration team, be sure to identify this in your nomination intent.   

In a call for unity and community, the ARC is an opportunity to lead by example while fostering a shared and creative space to “do the work.” 

The nomination and registration process for 2022 has closed.

For questions, please contact: 

Anthony Franco, [email protected]
Sebastian Ivory, [email protected]
Jami Silver, [email protected]
Danielle Walsh, [email protected]